The Board

Composition of the Board

The Board must have at least five Directors but not more than seven Directors and may have a maximum of two Directors who are not members of CBHS.

The Board currently comprises of seven Directors, of which seven are Independent Non-Executive Directors and are member of CBHS. Additionally, the Board have appointed an Executive Director, being the Group CEO. An Executive Director position is not counted towards the minimum or maximum number of Directors.

Details of the Directors tenure, experience, qualifications, responsibilities and attendance at meetings are set out in the Directors’ Report on pages 27 to 37 of our 2019 Annual Report. In addition, Directors biographies can be found on the Board of Directors page of the website.

Board Charter

The purpose of the Board Charter is to specify how CBHS and its related bodies corporate are governed so as to promote CBHS and the interests of its members.

The Board of CBHS is responsible for the governance of CBHS. The Charter sets out:

  1. The role and responsibilities of the Board, Committee and Management;
  2. Which responsibilities are delegated to a Board Committee or to the Executive Management team;
  3. The membership and operation of the Board;
  4. A structure for determining how Board decisions are made; and
  5. Details regarding the Board’s interaction with the CBHS Group.

View the CBHS Board Charter

The Board and Board Committees

Health Insurers are governed by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). The Prudential Standard CPS 510, Governance Standard states that the Board must establish Audit and Risk Committees.

In addition to this requirement, the Board has established the following Committees:

  1. Asset & Liability Committee;
  2. People & Remuneration Committee.

The membership of the Board and its Committees are set out below:

  Committee Membership
Director Position Title Board Asset & Liability
Audit Committee Risk Committee People & Remuneration Committee
Peter MacCuspie
Non Executive Chairman, Independent
John Matthews Non Executive Deputy Chairman, Independent NEDC       NEC
Adrian Hondros Non Executive Director, Independent   NED       NED
Marielle Latour Non Executive Director, Independent NED   NEC NEC
Jay MacGregor
Non Executive Director, Independent NED NED NED NED  
Nicolette Rubinsztein
Non Executive Director, Independent  NED  

Fintan Thornton Non Executive Director, Independent  NED NEC NED NED  
Andrew Smith Group CEO & Executive Director  GCEOED          
Gerard Parlevliet     NDCM

NEC = Non-Executive Chairman
NEDC = Non-Executive Deputy Chairman
GCEOED = Group Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director
NED = Non-Executive Director
NDCM = Non-Director, Committee Member

Attendance at Annual General Meeting

Directors are encouraged to attend CBHS’ Annual General Meeting however, attendance is not mandatory. Directors who attended the 2019 CBHS Annual General Meeting were:

Directors Present Absent
Peter MacCuspie  
John Matthews  
Adrian Hondros  
Marielle Latour  
Jay MacGregor  
Nicolette Rubinsztein  
Fintan Thornton  
Andrew Smith  


View the CBHS Constitution including amendments up to and including all amendments passed at the Annual General Meeting on 1 November 2018.

Board Committee Charters

The Board has adopted Charters for each Committee:

  1. Asset & Liability Committee Charter;
  2. Audit Committee Charter;
  3. Risk Committee Charter; and
  4. People & Remuneration Charter.

Code of Conduct & Ethics

At CBHS we aim to conduct our business according to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, respect and fairness when dealing with all of our customers and employees.

CBHS has developed an Ethics Policy which outlines acceptable principles to be applied by all staff in their day to day activities and behaviour. 


CBHS has implemented various policies and procedures to enable our employees to carry out their duties in accordance with the Company’s values. These policies include:

  1. Ethics Policy (Code of Conduct);
  2. Group Whistle-Blower Protection; and
  3. Group Workplace Health & Safety Policy.


At CBHS, we recognise and value the individual differences of our workforce and actively promote an inclusive culture and collaborative working environment, where in line with our CARE Values, people are treated fairly and with respect.

CBHS has policies and practices in place to ensure equity for all employees.

On an annual basis, submits a report to the Workplace Gender Equity Agency (WEGA) in order to comply with the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012.

This report confirms our ongoing commitment to workplace equality.

Rather than targeting numbers within particular groups, we make equity based decisions in all of our people practices, aiming for equal representation of males and females where appropriate.

Find the 2019 Public WEGA report for more information.

Senior and Executive Officers

Meet our Senior and Executive Officers.

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