Hospital cover highlights

  • No co-payment or excess
  • The option to keep a non-student dependant up to the age of 25
  • Access to the Best Doctors
  • Highest benefits in the CBHS product suite
  • Access Gap Cover plus $200 Gap Assist which will help you with additional out-of-pocket medical expenses
  • Access to chronic disease management programs and hospital substitute treatment
  • What's covered?
  • What's partially covered
  • What's not covered
  • Waiting periods
  • Prestige (Gold) hospital cover will cover you for:

    • Accommodation for overnight, same day and intensive care covered for private or shared room in agreement private and public# hospitals
    • Theatre and labour ward fees covered in agreement private hospitals (excluding restricted services*)
    • Medical expenses related to providers for services while admitted in hospital e.g. fees from doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists, radiologists, pathology, imaging etc. Covered for all services eligible for benefits from Medicare up to Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) fee. Members have their choice of doctor/surgeon in a public or private hospital. CBHS will cover the difference between the Medicare benefit and the MBS fee for services provided as an admitted patient to a hospital
    • Access Gap Cover is where a provider chooses to participate under an arrangement with the fund. CBHS covers up to 100% of an agreed amount in excess of the MBS fee which reduces or eliminates your out-of-pocket medical expenses. (i.e. surgeons, anaesthetists, pathology, imaging fees etc)
    • Surgically implanted prostheses to at least the minimum benefit specified in the prosthesis list issued under Private Health Insurance legislation
    • Pharmacy covers most drugs related to the reason for your admission in agreement private hospitals
    • Boarder accommodation covers 100%, up to $160 per admission, if not included in hospital agreement
    • Emergency ambulance transport for an accident or medical emergency by approved ambulance providers
    • Hospital Services where a Medicare benefit is payable (excluding restricted services*)
    • Better Living programs to help you manage your health and wellness.
    • Hospital Substitute Treatment means the possibility of receiving rehabilitation treatment or the care of a registered nurse at home.

    Gap Assist#

    To further help you reduce your out-of-pocket expenses as a result of hospitalisation, Prestige also includes a medical gap benefit called Gap Assist, $200 per person per calendar year towards out-of-pocket expenses.

    # All hospital services provided in a public hospital are eligible for Minimum Default Benefits. These benefits are stipulated by the Department of Health and listed in the relevant Private Health Insurance (Benefit Requirement) Rules. Some hospitals may charge above the Minimum Default Benefit for shared room accommodation. Please note that fees charged in excess of Minimum Default Benefits are an out-of-pocket expense and are not eligible for reimbursement under CBHS policies.

    A benefit is not payable in respect of a service that was rendered to a Member if the services can be claimable from any other source.

  • *Restricted Benefits (Services) not fully covered

    The services listed below, when provided in a private hospital, are eligible for Minimum Default Benefits prescribed by private health insurance legislation. These benefits relate to hospital bed charges and are unlikely to cover the fees charged for a private hospital admission. Members may incur large out of pocket expenses for theatre fees together with the difference between the Minimum Default Benefit and the bed charge raised by the hospital.

    The services listed below are also eligible for hospital benefits in a public hospital at a shared room rate. Public hospitals do not raise charges for theatre use.

    • Podiatric surgery (provided by a registered podiatric surgeon)1
    • Services for which a Medicare benefit is NOT payable

    1 Indicates benefits for accommodation at Minimum Benefits in relevant PHI (Benefit Requirements) Rules and prostheses benefits based on items listed by the Minister of Health. No benefit for medical or theatre costs.

  • Prestige (Gold) hospital cover will not cover you for

    • If a member is admitted into a non-agreement private hospital, benefits are payable only at the minimum rate specified by law. These benefits may only provide a benefit similar to a public hospital shared room rate. These benefits may not be sufficient to cover admissions in a non-agreement private hospital
    • Hospital services received within policy waiting periods
    • Nursing home type patient contribution, respite care or nursing home fees
    • Take home/discharge drugs (non-PBS drugs may be eligible for benefits from your Extras cover)
    • Aids not covered in hospital agreement (may be eligible for benefits from your Extras cover)
    • Services claimed over 24 months after the service date
    • Services provided in countries outside of Australia
    • Prostheses used for cosmetic procedures, where no Medicare benefit is payable
    • Ambulance transfers between hospitals (for residents in VIC, SA and NT).


    For treatment listed as an exclusion there is no benefit payable and member will incur significant out of pocket expense for these services. Please review the exclusions on this cover and always check with CBHS to see if you are covered before receiving treatment. The following services are excluded from this cover:

    • Cosmetic services
  • Waiting periods:

    Waiting periods apply to those who are new to private health insurance or those who already have cover with CBHS or another fund, and choose to upgrade to a higher level of cover.

    Parts of waiting periods served within one health fund can be completed in another when a person transfers funds. If you upgrade your level of cover, waiting periods may apply to benefits not previously included within your original cover.

    Hospital waiting period Calendar month
    Pre-existing conditions* (except for hospital psychiatric services, rehabilitation and palliative care) 12 months
    Pregnancy and birth 12 months
    Hospital psychiatric services**, rehabilitation and palliative care 2 months
    Accidents***, emergency ambulance transport 1 day
    All other treatments 2 months


    * If a member has a pre-existing condition, a waiting period of 12 months will apply before we will pay hospital or medical benefits towards any treatment for that condition.

    ** Note that upon serving the two month waiting period, members can choose to upgrade their cover (once in a lifetime) and access the higher benefits for hospital psychiatric treatment associated with that cover, without serving an additional waiting period. For more details contact us on 1300 654 123 or by sending an email to

    *** Accident means an unexpected or unforeseen event caused by an external force or object resulting in an injury to the body which requires treatment by a medical practitioner, Hospital or dentist (as the context requires) but excludes pregnancy.


Extras cover highlights

  • highest level of Extras benefits across our health and insurance packages


  • Extras
  • What you get
  • Dental Dental *
    1. UNLIMITED preventative dental per year (2 month waiting period)
    2. UNLIMITED general dental per year (2 month waiting period)Major dental with up to 100% cover and generous overall limits (6 or 12 month waiting period depending on procedures)
  • Optical Prescribed Optical
    1. $450 annual limit and up to 100% cover on many types of prescription glasses and frames (6 month waiting period)
  • Therapies Therapies
    1. Physio, Physiology Services, Chiro, Osteo, Hypnotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Ante Natal/Post Natal Physio, Podiatry, Audiology, Eye Therapy, Dietitians and Exercise Physiology all covered with up to 100% cost per service benefit (2 month waiting period)
    2. Alternative therapies including Oriental Therapies and Massage Therapies are also covered with up to 100% cost per service benefits with an overall limit at $1000 (2 month waiting period)
  • General Health General Health
    1. Blood glucose accessories, nurse visits at home, non-PBS drugs requiring a prescription by law, and travel with accommodation all covered with up to 100% cost per service benefits and generous annual limits (2 month waiting period and some other conditions apply)
  • Health Care Aids Health Care Aids
    1. When referred by a doctor and recognised by CBHS, you can get 100% cost per service benefit up to certain limits in any 3 year period (12 month waiting period applies)
  • Wellness Benefits Wellness Benefits ^
    1. A generous 100% cost per service benefit applies to health checks including breast examinations, bone density tests, skin cancer screening+, bowel/prostate cancer screening, eye screenings (2 month waiting period)
    2. We cover health management services that will help you quit smoking, as well as weight and stress management programs (2 month waiting period)
    3. We even cover Gym Memberships as part of a Health Management program where recommended by a GP or recognised provider (2 month waiting period

    4. * Benefits are not payable for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) dentistry including whitening kits, aligners and occlusal splints. Please contact us to confirm whether a benefit is payable.

      + Examples of skin cancer screening include mole mapping or digital mole photography.

      ^ CBHS provides benefits towards scans, screenings and tests, where members take a pro-active way to manage their health, but only where these do not attract a benefit from Medicare. We are only able to pay a benefit for selected scans, screenings and tests when they are NOT covered by Medicare. Your GP or provider will be able to advise you if your scan, screen or test, meets Medicare’s criteria for benefits.

A benefit is not payable in respect of a service that was rendered to a Member if the services can be claimable from any other source.

Each group of services within Extras and Packages cover has an overall limit on the amount you can claim. Most limits are based on per person per calendar year, unless otherwise stated in our Extras table.

Description 100% Of the cost up to the per service benefit Overall Limit Benefit Period Waiting Period
Preventative Dental
Oral examinations (011, 012, 013) $35-$45 Unlimited Calendar year 2 Months
X-ray (022) $28
Removal of plaque (111) $41
Removal of calculus (114, 115) $65-$70
Fluoride application (121) $25
Mouthguard (151,153) $130-1$50
Fissure sealing (161) $34
General Dental
Fillings $81-$150 Unlimited Calendar year 2 Months
Consultation & Examinations $28-$40
X-rays $21-$60
Extraction or Surgical Dental $50-$255
Major Dental
Periodontics (gum treatment) $24-$260 $700 Calendar year 6 Months
Endodontic (root canal treatment) $7.50-$180 $700 Calendar year 6 Months
Inlays/Onlays/Facing/Veneers $260-$600 $1440 Any 5 years 6 Months
Dentures & Implants $20-810 $1500 Any 5 years 6 Months
Occlusal therapy $17-$260 $920 Lifetime 6 Months
Orthodontia 100% $3200 Lifetime 12 Months
Crowns and Bridges $10-$720 $3500 Any 5 years 12 Months
Service 100% Of the cost up to the per service benefit Overall Limit Benefit Period Waiting Period
Frames $140


Calendar Year 6 Months
Single vision (pair 212) $130
Bifocal (pair) (312) $140
Trifocal (pair) (412) $150
Multifocal (pair) (512) $210
Contact lenses (852) $220
Description 100% of the cost up to the per service benefit Overall Limit Benefit Period Waiting Period
Physiotherapy (Initial/Subsequent) $61/$43 $900 Calendar year 2 Months
Chiropractic (Initial/Subsequent) $61/$40 $1000
Osteopathy (Initial/Subsequent) $61/$35
Physiology Services (Initial/Subsequent) $35 $360
Hypnotherapy $80 $360
Occupational Therapy (Initial/Subsequent) $61/$35 $800
Speech Therapy (Initial/Subsequent) $95/$46 $1850
Clinical Psychology $30-$140 $500
Ante natal/Post natal physiotherapy 100% $105
Podiatry (excl. artificial aids: e.g. orthotics) $30-$50 $400
Audiology $60 $360
Eye Therapy $60 $455
Dietitian $15-$75 $360
Exercise Physiology (initial/subsequent) $35-$35 $360
Oriental therapies $33 $1000  Calendar year  2 Months
Acupressure, Acupuncture
Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation, Chinese Massage,
Traditional Chinese Medicine Consultation
Massage therapies
Deep Tissue Massage
Lymphatic Drainage, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage
Sports Massage, Swedish Massage
Therapeutic Massage
Description 100% Of the cost up to the per service benefit Overall Limit Benefit Period Waiting Period
Blood Glucose Accessories 100% $320 Calendar Year 2 Months
Home visits by Registered Nurse $120 (>4 hrs) $80 (<4 hrs) $2800
Non-Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme drugs requiring a prescription by law 100% less the current prescribed PBS co-payment for general patients up to $150 per prescription $1000
Travel & accommodation+ 100% of the cost for accommodation (shared room rate) airfare, train, bus or 15c per kilometre for car $500 Per Membership per calendar year
+ Travel is only payable for a patient who requires essential medical and dental treatment, where it is not available at a facility within a 160 km round trip of the member's home. In order to claim travel a patient must be visiting a specialist and will require a referral letter. Excludes Ronald McDonald house.
Description 100% Of the cost up to the per service benefit Overall Limit Benefit Period Waiting Period
Artificial aids $10-$1500 $1500 Any 3 years (12 month waiting period) -
Hearing aids 100% $2200
Blood pressure monitor, Nebuliser, Glucometer 100% $500

100% of the cost up to the overall limit below

Description Overall Limit Benefit Period Waiting period 
Health checks $300 Calendar year 2 months
Breast examinations (i.e. mammograms/x-rays)
Bone density tests
Skin cancer screening
Bowel/prostate cancer screening
Eye Screenings
Health management  $200  Calendar year
Quit smoking programs2
Weight management programs2
Stress management courses2
Gym membership/Personal training1 $230 ($200 sub limit on personal training)
1 CBHS can only pay a benefit for gym membership/personal trainer/ where the gym/personal trainer service is provided as part of a health management program, certified by your GP or a recognised provider confirming that the gym/personal trainer program is a health management program. Approval form is available from CBHS. Please note that GP consultations are not covered by CBHS.2 Must be approved by CBHS.

Other Package Covers

  • CBHS StepUp (Bronze Plus)

    (Bronze Plus)

    A mid-level package cover ideal for those planning a family. Hospital cover includes pregnancy services, while Extras includes more than the basics.

  • CBHS KickStart (Basic Plus)

    (Basic Plus)

    Affordable package cover for the fit and healthy covering the things you want, like dental and optical, without the services you don’t need.

  • CBHS FlexiSaver (Basic Plus)

    (Basic Plus)

    An entry level package for the young healthy singles and couples, designed to give the flexibility to use extras overall limit on service needed the most.

What Our Members Think

I joined as a CBHS member in 1978. Through many health events and challenges CBHS has always been there for me and my family. Their exceptional service over this time has always been appreciated.

- Jenny J

What Our Members Think

I've not long joined CBHS from another fund, but so far I've been impressed by the super helpful and friendly staff, the higher claim limits and rebates at a very competitive premium, and how easy it is to lodge manual claims through the app. Thanks CBHS - you've won me over! 😃

- Jessica B

What Our Members Think

What I love about CBHS is their customer service - friendly staff and always ready to help and email you the information you ask about. Keep up the great work!!!

- Linda S

What Our Members Think

I love CBHS as its so so easy to lodge a claim and whenever i need a question answered friendly consultant is one phone call away. The phone back option instead of waiting is brilliant!

- Rachel N

What Our Members Think

I have been with CBHS since I began at CBA 15 years ago...Now I have three beautiful children, one who has a disability. Our top extras cover has been really essential for his early intervention. I do love the ease of claiming online.

- Annette E

What Our Members Think

I am relatively new to CBHS and am loving it already. I worked for a CBA subsidiary a long time ago but was still eligible to join. So much better that the for-profit funds - our premium is only a little more and we pay a lower co-contribution and get great benefits. I am loving the massage rebate for my partner and gym rebate for me!

- David G

What Our Members Think

I'm extremely happy with CBHS! I have been a customer for about six years. I think the price is reasonable. And i would refer you to my family and friends any day. Thank you CBHS!!!

- Karen W

What Our Members Think

Love CBHS as I never have to doubt that they've got my back when I need it. Been through other insurers who have limited options or limits, yet cost the same or more.

- Mark F